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Matt's Priorities


As a veteran and member of our local VFW, I am committed to improving veteran healthcare and tackling the veteran suicide crisis in Indiana.

Taxes and
the Economy

Out of control property taxes are pricing seniors out of their homes. We need to limit the amount your property taxes can be raised each year ensuring more money stays in your pocket.

Expanded Access to Pre-K

Indiana has the 8th highest cost of childcare in the country despite being ranked 38th for income. We need to expand our Pre-K programs to improve statewide reading proficiency and reduce childcare costs for working parents.

Transparency and Accountability

Indiana ranks near the bottom of the nation for campaign finance regulations, transparency and ethics. We need stronger ethics rules for legislatures, lobbyists, and campaign finance to restore a government “Of the People”.


My own two children benefitted from our great public schools, and I will work to ensure our schools and teachers have the resources they need to prepare the next generation of Hoosiers for life after graduation.


Indiana ranks 42nd in mental health. Carmel police have seen a 40% increase in mental health calls over the past year. We need to address mental health needs for children and young adults and improve access by attracting more mental healthcare practitioners.

Reproductive Rights

I believe the government should stay out of your healthcare decisions. I fully support a woman's right to make her own family planning decisions including IVF and birth control and will fend off any legislative attacks on those rights.

Conservation and the Environment

Indiana ranks 50th amongst all states in water pollution. We have the most polluted rivers, lakes and streams of any state. Despite majority opposition from Hoosier voters across all parties, the supermajority continues to rollback protections of Hoosier wetlands: our largest source of clean drinking water.  I will advocate for protecting our water sources so that our families can have safe water for drinking and fishing. I will continue to advocate for the protection of the Hoosier National Forest and Indiana state parks.


I’m committed to ensuring our Hoosier first responders have the resources and training they need to serve our communities.

I am also committed to protecting the families of those injured or killed in the line of duty. Indiana needs improvements in long term disability and survivor benefit plans for those police, firefighters and their families.


2023 was the worst year in Indiana’s history for unintentional shootings by children, and we have no laws requiring gun owners to secure unattended firearms. Requiring safe storage for unattended firearms has been proven to reduce unintentional gun deaths, especially amongst children. I will continue to advocate for safe storage in Indiana.

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