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I'm running for state representative to serve

the needs of our Hoosier families, not the wants

of special interest groups. Sign up to join my team! 

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As a husband, father, and veteran of Afghanistan, I know the importance of public service. After 22 years in the military, I am ready to continue to serve the Carmel and Westfield communities in the 39th District.

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Matt's Priorities

Serving Veterans

As a veteran and member of our local VFW, I am committed to improving veteran healthcare and tackling the veteran suicide crisis in Indiana. 

About Matt McNally

As the son of a Vietnam Veteran and a Catholic School secretary, I was taught to have a sense of duty that put the community before myself. Now, as a husband, father, and proud member of the Carmel and Westfield communities, I’m excited to have the opportunity to give back close to home.

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After two decades of supermajority rule, decision makers at our state capitol have embraced policies that are out of step with our Carmel and Westfield communities. I believe our friends and neighbors want to go back to focusing on the issues that affect their daily lives, and have representation that truly listens to them and works for them.
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